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What is a Carrageenan?
Carrageenan is a general term of hydrocolloid contained in Red algae (Rhodopyta). It is roughly classified into three types: Kappa, Iota and Lambda. Kappa type is able to transform water gell to jelly of hardness and elasticity, which is easily influenced by water soluble protein, minerals and gums. Iota type produced fluid Thixotropic viscosity. Lambda type is easy soluble in cold water to form stable viscosity.
We have developed new type of Carrageenan CC-50 extracted from Cassia gum and algae. It is excellent in water gel strength and elasticity, and obtainable at a reasonable price like a super LBG. Its main use is gelling jelly or pudding with a creamy taste like ice-cream and also preventing processed meat liquid from separating. Furthermore, this special Carrageenan has many other uses as below.
1. Making ham, sausage or fish meal “Surimi” elastic.
2. Stabilizing dispersion of material in drink.
3. Molding a concrete products

Carrageenan is mainly composed of dietary fiber, which will balance nutrition better.

Carrageenan product

Refined carrageenan(Pure type)
Product name
Characteristic of prodcut
KK-9 Kappa 100% Kappa type carrageenan, with high gel strength are all purposes. Catalogue PDF
HGE-I Kappa 200 mesh passed for injection to meat products Catalogue PDF

CC-50 Cassia + Kappa Very high gel strength with elasticity Catalogue PDF
HGE-A Kappa Calcium type with high protein gel and low water syneresis Catalogue PDF
NL-V Kappa + Lambda Cold-water soluble, stabilized syneresis. Catalogue PDF
GS Kappa-II Stable reaction to milk. No reaction to Ions. Catalogue PDF
SP-100 Iota It makes thawing and reconstruction gel like gelatin. Catalogue PDF
CNP Sodium Kappa Will be high gel strength when mixed with minerals or water soluble protein from weak gel of plain Catalogue PDF

Processed Eucheuma cottonii (Pure type)
Product name
Characteristic of prodcut
TA-200 Kappa High gel strength semi-refined product Catalogue PDF
TS-200 Iota Iota viscosity, soft reaction on protein Catalogue PDF

Carrageenan compound and Processed Eucheuma cottonii
Product name
Characteristic of prodcut
KK-9F Kappa Pickle juice for ham and sausage etc. (improvement texture) Catalogue PDF
KS-50F Kappa + Iota Pickle juice for ham and sausage etc. (soft texture / low syneresis) Catalogue PDF
CC-50F Kappa Pickle juice for ham and sausage etc. (twofer with semi-refined product ) Catalogue PDF

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