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Functional food ingredients
What is a Functional food Ingredients?
Recently our foods have become tasty enough. However, the nutrition required for our body is unbalanced because we prefer to take more delicious foods with unbalanced nutrition. Besides, it is often reported that children are easy to get the same disease as adults through a lack of exercise. Japanese foods, which are highly reputable in the world, but recent people is pointed as health problem causing an unbalanced diet style. A capsule or a tablet of supplement is increasingly used to cover a lack of nutrition with ease to such peoples.
We have several kind of functional food ingredient in our product list. One of the product is Chitosan soluble easily in neutral water. It collects harmful substance in our body and removes it. It also functions not to absorb water and Chlorine and to prevent against obese and high blood pressure.
Grape Seed Polyphenol powder is also listed in our product line. It is rich Proanthocyanidine removing activated oxidation which prevents arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure. It is composed of calcium compound, which can be kept on dispersing in water for a long time.

Functional food ingredients

Functional food ingredients
Product name
Use for
Characteristic of prodcut
Soluble Chitosan TYPE-15000 Food additives and health supplement Average molecular weight 15,000±500 and completely soluble in cold water. Catalogue PDF
Grape Seed Polyphenol Powder Food additives and health supplement More than 95% Proanthocyanidine has properties to be highly against oxidation. Catalogue PDF
Refined Guar Gum Food additives Less smell and taste washed by alcohol. Also low viscosity type is available to substitutable for
Gum Arabic.
Catalogue PDF
HD Milk
Calcium P-10
Food additives and health supplement Ultra fine particle milk calcium compound(average particle size : 0.20±0.06 μm) Catalogue PDF
Soy Protein Peptide - H Food additives High peptide content and stabilizes around pH 3.5. Catalogue PDF
Gardenia Black Color Natural foodColor Almost black harmonized with the primary three colors Catalogue PDF

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